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Web design

Business contact: Mr Gilles GARCIA
phone +33 494 629 864
handy +33 603 544 056

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Former electronics engineer, I directed myself towards software, and the creation of Web sites.

Following a Ifape formation, thanks to which I improved myself in creation of images and generation of HTML pages, I looked further into my knowledge in programming, in order to specialize in script languages, as well for client–side (Javascript) as for server–side (PHP). By combining these two technologies and the XML language, I can write AJAX applications.

A) Example of a MD5 computing Form, in Client–side scripting language Javascript:

MD5 encoding algorithm (Javascript)

B) Example of the same computing Form, in Server–side scripting language PHP:
(the page will reload after processing)

MD5 encoding algorithm (PHP)

C) Example of the same computing Form, in AJAX
Client and Server scripts, and XML language:
(the page will not reload after processing)

MD5 encoding algorithm (AJAX)

In parallel, I improved my competences in Flash, in order to integrate the programming (ActionScript), and thus to create complex and interactive animations, even of complete websites.

My knowledge of SQL language and database management enables me to develop complete server applications, possibly including XML language, being able to generate dynamic web pages, automatic sending of E-mails, console of votes, management of comments...
I integrate functionalities of data compression and caching, in order to optimize the server response time, allowing it to answer to an increasing heavy load.

I take an active part in the various development forums of PHP programming language and MySQL database management system.

I create classes and functions in PHP and Flash languages, within the respective communities of developers.

I appreciate the energy devoted to esthetics, with the harmony of the colors, at the time of my graphic designs.
I am trained with vectorial drawing (Illustrator).

The integration of the video, as well within the page as in external link, are part of my designs.

See this small mpeg sequence:

Flash movie: Video

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In my designs of web pages, I take a particular care to the setting in conformity, in order to as well as possible respect the directives and the standards, in a concern of creating pages accessible to all, using any navigator (Firefox becomes very popular).
The Doc. types of my pages are indicated, the style sheets (CSS) are validated by recognized tools.

I have the last generation of professional software tools for graphic design and edition: Adobe Suite, of which Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash.

I have a comfortable space of 40 Giga bytes, and 10 databases, at a paying host (Phpnet), including all necessary server technologies, allowing me to test my designs in real condition of production, for example to simulate an important load.

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